After performing in Korean Music Wave in mid July 2011, Miss A will return for their very own showcase this September! The quartet will sing at least 9 songs and play 2 to 3 games during the Special Showcase.

The ticket for this showcase is not the usual concert ticket. It is a collectable picture card worth S$50 and is exclusive to those attending the showcase in Singapore. Specimens of  picture cards can be seen as the bottom of this post. During the showcase, 2 lucky fans will be picked by Miss A. The first fan will join them in the same coach after the showcase to the restaurant and have dinner together. The second fan will join them to certain places of interest the next day, also in the same coach.

Those who are interested in fulfilling their idol dreams should not miss out on this showcase too as a Special Audition will be held in December this year for concert goers of Miss A showcase! Check out the FAQ here. More information about the audition will be revealed in due course.

What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now!

Venue: Singapore Expo, Max Pavillion
Date: 30 September 2011, Friday
Time: 7PM

Ticketing Information:

Only cash transaction accepted, no credit card payment allowed.

1. Category A/VIP (500 Seats Available)
Price: $200
Promotion: Alpha members: $180

– Limited edition plastic Miss A picture card as ticket
– Additional limited edition Miss A picture card
– Miss A CD (500 CDs will be given away during the showcase. 150 will be signed by all the girls). Only available to Category A/VIP. (All CDs to be distributed during the showcase.)

2. Category B (616 seats Available)
Price: $120
Alpha members: $80
PAssion card holder: $84

– Limited edition Miss A picture card as ticket.

3. Category C (2000 seats Available)
Price: $100
Alpha members: $70
PAssion card holder: $80

-Limited edition Miss A picture card as ticket.

Corporate discount of $20 off for both Cat B and C for students of MDIS, Katong Hostel and SAF serviceman.

Ticketing Purchase Locations:

1. Scape
Location: Alpha booth in front of information counter
Date and Time : 2nd – 4th and 9th – 11th September. Fridays will be between 6 PM to 9 PM. Sat and Sun will be between 1 PM to 5 PM. (Miss A showcase ticket and membership sales can be done there.)

2. Seoul restaurant (2nd Floor Chijmes) – Start 24th August

3. MDIS Queenstown Campus – email to: or call +65 6796 7025 – Start 24th August. There will be a booth set up at the MDIS canteen on 8th of September (Thursday) from 10 AM to 3 PM for ticket purchase.

4. Online ( @

* ALL ALPHA Members and PAssion card holders must show their card to redeem Concert Cards.

Specimens of Miss A tickets in the form of picture cards

Miss A Singapore Showcase Promo Video

Credit: Alpha Entertainment