B1A4 held their very first showcase in Singapore on our nation’s 46th Birthday! It must have been a memorable experience for them as well as for BANAs.

The showcase took place at the Rock Auditorium at Suntec City Mall. The excitement and enthusiasm of the fans could be heard while multi-coloured light sticks were seen lighting up around the span of the venue.

Moments later, high-pitched screams and frantic calls of the members’ names could be heard from every corner of the auditorium, signaling that B1A4 has appeared onstage. They kick started the showcase with their debut song “OK!” bringing down the house with its powerful beats and innovative choreography. After which, they greeted the fans with their standard “Let’s Fly, B1A4! Hello we are B1A4!”

They kept fans on the edge of their seats by performing “Only Learnt The Bad Things”, which they recently ended Korean promotions for. Singaporean BANAs certainly showed their power and loyalty by producing a loud fanchant for the members during their performance.

Following that, the members picked ticket tabs out of a box to choose fans up to the stage to join them for interactive games like Musical Chairs and Charades. Both the participants and audience had a good laugh over the comical actions and expressions that in particular, Sandeul did. A particularly lucky fan got picked and was serenaded by B1A4, including being presented with a teddy bear and flowers as gifts.

During the personal talents segment, Jinyoung did his sound imitation of a helicopter and a racing car, which Baro imitated and did extremely well. CNU showed off his hidden dancing skills to a slow song, earning screams and swoons from the fans. Vocalist Sandeul belted out a powerful song, proving his potential as a singer. Baro got the atmosphere up high with his strong beat box skills, after which CNU joined in with his slick moves. Lastly, maknae Gongchan did a series of Aegyo (a Korean term for cute expressions), which got the audience screaming for more.

The last song for the showcase was “Bling Girl”, one of the tracks in their mini Album, “Let’s Fly!”. The light hearted track got the audience to their feet, and many were swaying and bobbing along to the rhythm.

Teasing the audience, the boys disappeared backstage amidst waves and screams, making the audience believe that the showcase had ended. However at the emcee’s prompt, shouts of “B1A4 Encore” got the boys sidling back onto the stage with an encore performance of “Only One”!

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As a tiny surprise for our August baby, the event ended off with the audience and members singing a birthday song for Gongchan. The bright smile on his face definitely showed his satisfaction. The August Baby event was held after the showcase.

We wish B1A4 luck in their future endeavors and promotions. After all, they did promise that they will be back soon, so BANAs, watch out for their future events!

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ScanationSG would like to thank Reer Media for their invitation to the B1A4 Singapore Showcase.