Local organizer, Proof Label, which has created a huge sensation in Singapore with Korean Pop Night Concert last year is coming back with a sequel this year – named Korean Music Wave 2011.

Korean Music Wave 2011 will have a lineup of 10 korean pop acts and Big Bang and 2NE1 has been revealed to headline this concert this coming July 15 at Singapore Indoor Stadium which also marks 2NE1’s first visit to Singapore! FT Island, U-KISS, Miss A, Teen Top, The Boss, TOUCH, DAL★SHABET and new boyband, X-5 will perform alongside.

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Date: 15 July 2011, Friday
Time: 7:30 PM
Duration: 3hrs 30 mins

Updated as of 14 July

via KMW Facebook page

  • The queue will commence at 2 pm on 15 July 2011 (Friday). There will be no overnight queuing.
  • The doors to the venue will open at 6 pm and the concert will start at 7.30 pm sharp.
  • For mosh pit ticket holders, Pen A entry will be via Premier East entrance and Pen B entry will be via Premier West entrance.
  • There will be standard bag checks conducted at the door. Camera rules will be as per standard SIS rules.
  • No professional cameras including DSLR camera, camcorder or video camera are allowed into the venue.
  • Anyone found with a DSLR within the concert grounds will be asked to delete all photos taken at the concert venue and to deposit their cameras at a designated counter. Proof Label will not be responsible for any loss of items.
  • Fan boards, if any, are expected to be kept to a maximum size of A4. Objects that might cause obstruction of view to anyone are strictly discouraged. This includes, but is not limited to banners, balloons and large fan boards. Any items deemed obstructive by the security at the door will not be allowed into the concert venue.
  • No food and drinks are allowed into the concert venue.
  • The nearest car park is Carpark E. Parking will be at $6.00 per entry.
  • If members of the audience are feeling unwell at any point of time during the concert, they are advised to approach any security staff nearby, who will in turn inform the medical personnel.
  • There will be a gift deposit counter located at the first floor opposite the Sistic box office. All gifts should be labeled with the intended recipients’ name and band name.


  • The official merchandise booth will be located at the first floor next to the Sistic box office. Merchandise sales starts at 1 pm.
  • All ticket holders have to show their ticket stubs to purchase official merchandise.
  • Every ticket holder should only present one ticket stub. Mutiple ticket stubs per person will not be accepted.
  • Every ticket holder, who should be holding onto one ticket stub, will be entitled to one item from each product category only. (For example, one ticket holder is entitled to one file and one light stick.
  • Official merchandise from YG including BIGBANG Official Light Stick, Official Do-rag, BIGBANG Water Bottle, 2011 BIGSHOW Pen Set, 2011 BIGSHOW File Set and 2NE1 Official Light Stick will be sold.

The ten explosive acts will be rocking the stadium grounds for 3.5 hours with songs like ‘Tonight’, ‘Love Song’, ‘Oh Yeah’, ‘I am the best’, ‘Lonely’, ‘Hello Hello’, ‘Love Alone’, ‘0330’, ‘Today’, ‘Pink Rocket’, ‘Stumble Stumble’ ‘Fantasy’, ‘Angel’ and many more!

Expect to be thrilled by more than 40 songs to be performed throughout the night! It will definitely leave you craving for more!

One cannot miss the exciting solo performances by TAEYANG, SEUNGRI and the dynamic duo GD&TOP! Expect over an hour of heart-stopping YG action!

Proof Label has also announced that all tickets will be sold via SISTIC from 7 May 2011, 12:00 NOON onwards.

– Authorized agents via SISTIC counters islandwide will commence ticket sales on Saturday 7th May at 1:00 PM
– Max 6 tickets per transaction.

Tickets will be priced at $318 for mosh pit, $318 for CAT 1 seated, $258 for CAT 2 seated, $198 for CAT 3 seated, $148 for CAT 4 seated and $118 for CAT 5 seated.

There will be no priority booking for the event.

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Via @KoreanMusicWave:
– The final line-up includes BIGBANG, 2NE1, FT ISLAND, U-KISS, MISS A, DAL★SHABET, TEEN TOP, THE BOSS, TOUCH and X-5!
– To clarify, the performance time (number of songs) for each band is decided by their respective artist agency. Be it 7 bands, or 8 bands or 10 bands performing, it will not affect each band’s performance time (number of songs)/duration of concert.

Credit: xinmsn and KoreanMusicWave