Song Joong Ki

Being every teenage girl’s ideal man, as well as the ambassador for Tony Moly, Song Joong Ki has stepped foot into Singapore.

He arrived in our sunny little island on the 18th of December, received by throngs of screaming fans waving boards indicating his latest screen name in the popular hit drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. With his favourable role in the period drama as a flirtatious man, his popularity shot sky high in Asia, and his trademark wink has become the highlight of his public appearances. However, many were shocked at his humbleness, his down to earth dressing, as well as his grateful attitude.

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In the three days that Song Joong Ki was here, he attended a Tony Moly Product Launch Press Conference held at the Intercontinental Singapore Hotel, where he graced the launch of Tony Moly’s Floria and Latte Art range. He also conducted visits of the two outlets of Tony Moly, namely at Marina Square as well as Bugis.

Song Joong Ki then attended a fan signing event also held at Bugis, where eager fans queueing as early as 7am awaited his arrival. Upon his arrival, he eagerly greeted the fans with hearty waves and smiles in every direction. Li Yi, DJ from 93.3FM was the emcee for the day, and upon her request, he greeted the fans first in Korean, then in Chinese.

His first sentence was “我不知道。”(I don’t know), drawing out laughter as well as excited squeals from the many female fans present. He finally managed to say “大家好,我是Song Joong Ki.” (Hello everyone, I am Song Joong Ki), earning him loud screams from the audience. She then proceeded to ask him a few questions about his visit to Singapore in Korean, after which she provided a translation of.

What is your impression of all the lovely Singaporean fans?

SJK: I was quite shocked at the airport to see so many fans, because everyone was so warm in receiving me, and I really want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.

I can see that majority of your fans are all girls, so what do you think of Singaporean girls so far?

SJK: Singaporean fans are not very different from Korean fans. The presents that I have received are all so pretty. I also feel that Singaporean girls are very innocent and well behaved.

What do you feel about being an ambassador of Tony Moly?

SJK: I’m very happy to be an ambassador of Tony Moly, because it’s such a premium skincare and makeup brand. I’m also very happy to see that Tony Moly is so well received and loved by Singapore fans.

Li Yi then brought up the issue of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, where Song Joong Ki played the role of a scholar named Goo Yong Ha. To the pleasure of the fans, Song Joong Ki then gave a live demonstration of his trademark wink, bringing loud screams and gushes from the audience. He was quite embarrassed, and Li Yi remarked that he was just a “little shy boy”.

The fansign was due to commence after that, and Li Yi asked Song Joong Ki what he had to say to all the fans. Song Joong Ki said that he’s very thankful for them supporting his drama and his works, and he hopes for their continuous support.

The fanclub president then presented Song Joong Ki with a large bag of presents, as well as a handmade travel book. Jealous screams erupted from every corner as Song Joong Ki received the presents, and lightly hugged the 2 representatives that went on stage. After that, the “representatives” from Tony Moly presented him with some flowers. The representatives were 4 young boys, dubbed the youngest “fans” of Song Joong Ki by Liyi. Song Joong Ki himself carried the youngest child, and cooed at him.

The fansign commenced shortly after that and the fans waited patiently in line for their turn to go on stage for those few precious minutes in front of their favourite idol. The fansign took around an hour, and after a short photo session with the owner of Tony Moly and the young representatives, Song Joong Ki politely waved and bowed and made his exit from the stage amongst cheers from the crowd.

This was Song Joong Ki’s first trip to Singapore, and hopefully he will be back soon for more interaction with his fans.