MNET Ultimate Live in Asia concert, proudly brought to you by Launch Group, brought in five groups from Korea on this very day, December 5. The five groups, that are among the top notch artistes in Korea, were Beast, Miss A, 2AM, 2PM and MBLAQ.


MBLAQ was the first of the bands to kick-start the concert, with their debut title song, Oh Yeah followed by the song Y. It was the first time the boys were here, thus the crowd went wild when the boys greeted their fans with simple greetings in English. When asked about their feelings of being able to attend the event, the members commented that it was very awesome to be here and that they are very happy to be performing on this stage, in Singapore. G.O., a member of MBLAQ, also commented that their performances are “not only about MBLAQ, but also their solo stages”.

True enough, the next performance was Last Luv, by three of the members, namely Lee Joon, G.O. and leader, Seung Ho. The slow ballad was able to showcase their singing capabilities well. Mir, the youngest member of MBLAQ, then performed a solo rap performance that got the crowd excited. Following that, was a short ballet stage by Lee Joon. G.O. was able to captivate the hearts of the crowd with his rendition of Wild Flower, which is an English ballad song. Seung Ho also had a dance performance, afterwhich Cheon Dong ended their segment of solo performances with a Korean ballad song.

With the intention of wanting to display a different side of them to Singapore fans, MBLAQ sure had put out a opening stage that was stunning for their fans.


It was also the first time for female band, Miss A, to visit Singapore and they felt honoured to be able to participate in the concert. They started off with Breathe, which was a remix performance performed during the 2010 MAMA awards. Thereafter, Miss A performed a Chinese song, and then introduced themselves to their fans. Miss A also performed Poker Face by Lady Gaga, which followed by a string of individual dance performances.

A VCR of Suzy was then shown to the audience. She expressed her feelings of not being able to be in Singapore due to conflicting schedule and also promised that she will return to “beautiful Singapore” the next time, with her band mates to meet their Singaporean fans. They concluded their performance by thanking fans for their support and ended with their last song, which is their debut song, Bad Girl, Good Girl.


Screams could be heard from every corner of the hall as the fans of 2AM started to cheer on as the short clip of 2AM started playing on the big screen. They started with 죽어도 못보내 (Can’t let you go even if I die) and 친구의 고백 (Confession of a friend).  As soon as the voices of the quartet filled the hall, the crowd started to quieten down and sang along with the members.

The concert continued with a short introduction and the members expressed that they feel very happy to be in Singapore, for the second time. The fans were slowly getting into the mood as they carried on with 잘 못했어 (I did wrong) and 전화 받지 않는 너에게 (You wouldn’t answer my calls). ChangMin’s fingers were also dancing sweetly with fthe song. The members then slowly turned, each facing the different direction of the extended stage and continued touching the hearts of the fans present at the concert. The strong emotional feelings of the lyrics as well as harmonised voices seemed to connect the fans together as the crowd swayed with the music and enjoyed the performance by 2AM.

During 웃어 줄 수 없어 미안하다 (I’m sorry I can’t laugh for you) and 미친 듯이 (Like Crazy), fans were getting all hyped up with their awesome vocals, thus many were heard singing and cheering along with the song. Bears were prepared by each of the members were “thrown” to fans during their performance as a gift prepared by the group. As the concert reaches it’s peak, 2AM concluded their performance with the song No. 1, a song they sang for the world cup Korea this year.

Jo Kwon, a member that was most regarded for showcasing his talent in dancing girl group dances, danced to Girls Generation’s Hoot, Brown Eyed Girl’s Abracadabra and their junior Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl signature moves that managed to bring up the atmosphere in the concert. The song managed to keep the crowd hyped up for the next performer.


Beast was the next act in line on that day. After the VCR introductory was played, Beast started their performance with the song Special, dressed in the promotional outfits for their latest song, Beautiful. Both Beast and their fans were enjoying the stage, right from the start of the performance. As they proceed to the next song, “숨”, fan chants were evidently heard from the crowd. Dongwoon started the introduction with “What’s up Singapore!” which made the crowd go wild once again. Beast mainly greeted the fans in Korean, with the exception of DongWoon, that greeted them in Chinese instead.

Before they continued with their performance, KiKwang teased the crowd by telling them to “look forward to the following performances”. The next song was 아직은, one that was performed on the extended stage, followed by their debut song, Bad Girl. Deafening cheers were heard as fans went high over their performance. Towards the end of the song, YoSeob gave a salute to the fans. The short talk went on after their performance as they asked if the performance was cool. Cheers were heard and sent as a agreement to the statement. They also said that it was the screams and support of the fans that made them carry on and work harder. Slowly, the crowd calmed down as they performed Clenching a tight fist and Mystery.

“Now that there’s one month left in 2010, I’m happy to spend the last month here.” Hyunseung commented right after the performance of Mystery. All six boys were happy to be able to spend precious times with fans and they hope that as they sing the next song, everyone will feel the meaning of their song and enjoy their performance of Oasis. As Oasis started, a VCR was played on the screen. It was a video clip, containing the English lyrics of the song, of pictures from their album photo shoots, Beast Airline. They made use of this song to play around on the stage and interacted with fans. Yoseob was also seen holding up a “pong pong”, assuming it’s from one of the fans present in the crowd. Dongwoon also shouted “我爱你” which is I love you in Chinese. They also said that they wanted their fans to continue to be happy.

Ending the stage with Beautiful and Shock, the crowd went wild as the members ran around the stage. Though it was a free standing event and there were limited space to each person, some fans tried to dance to Shock while others did the signature dance move of the song. They then ended their performance with “I love you”.


2PM was the last performer, having performed a total of 14 songs. Starting with “What Time Is It Now”, the 6 members came out from the rising platform and fireworks lighted up to signal the start of their performance. They went on with “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”, a song from their latest mini album. Loud cheers and screams were heard as fans grooved along with the song. The following song is the shorterned version of “I Hate You”. TaecYeon went on to flash his abs to the crowd, that made the fans go crazy. Most of the members took off their jackets during the performance. Thereafter was a performance of “Without You”, followed by a talk. They greeted the fans with great enthusiasm and also mentioned that they missed Hottests from two years ago. Junsu and TaecYeon conversed in English and commented that it is going to be crazy tonight.

The next song was “Only You”, whereby roses and lollipops were handed out to the fans by the members themselves! While they performed “Angel”, the members went on stage with “wings” that made them look a lot like angels. There were a lot of interactions between the members and their fans on that day. A VCR was then played while the members went backstage to change. The video is about the most attractive part of each member. They then came back on stage with “I’ll Be Back”, where by fans signaled with 2PM’s signature “thumbs up” dance in their cheorography. Sitting down on a chair, Wooyoung started with “Tired of Waiting”, a song that was very much popular within the fans due to the explosive response once the music started playing.

The members then carried on with a few words for their fans, ending by thanking their fans for their continuous support, followed by a performance of “I Can’t”. Lightsticks were raised and swaying with the song as the fans cheered the artists on. TaecYeon then walked up to the extended stage, shook hands with fans and even gave a peck on one of their hands. The crowd went crazy when it was the performance for “10 out of 10”. The next song was “Putting My life on the Line”.

The third VCR was then played. It was a clip of the fans during their arrival on the December 3, their rehearsals and preparations for the Mnet Ultimate Live Asia concert. After the VCR was played, 2PM came out once again, clad in white suits. They thanked all the fans that came for the concert and commented that the fans were amazing. 2PM made a promise that they will return to the sunny shores again and thanked fans for their love and support. They then concluded their performance with “Again & Again” and “Heartbeat”.

At the end of the concert, MBLAQ, Miss A, 2AM and 2PM came out on stage and gave a friendly bow to all, thanking them for the support the fans have given to them. Due to the tight schedule that Beast had, they were unable to thank their fans at the end of the concert.

This is the third time a large scale Korean pop festival was held in Singapore. By the looks of it, the Korean wave will not be going down anytime soon so we can expect more of these events in the near future.