2PM Fanmeet

After a long wait, Hottests were in for a treat as the 2PM guys arrived at IMM for their fan meet at about 7.45pm, a little after the stipulated timing. 2PM was greeted enthusiastically by fans with resounding cheers and screams. Chansung got the fans and 2pm members laughing when his voice cracked during the introduction.

2PM Fanmeet2PM Fanmeet 2PM Fanmeet 2PM Fanmeet 2PM Fanmeet 2PM Fanmeet 2PM Fanmeet 2PM Fanmeet 2PM Fanmeet2PM Fanmeet

A short interview was carried out and these are the following questions,

MC: You’re gonna see these fans at the MNET show, do you have any words for them?

Taec: It’s been 2 years since we’ve been here and thank you so much for your support… We were gonna have a fantastic show tomorrow so you guys gonna be there, okay?

MC: How do you find Singapore girls?

Junho: All of these fans are very beautiful and very passionate people. Love you guys.

MC: What can fans expect from 2PM tomorrow?

Chansung: This is the first time 2PM is having our performance in Singapore (Probably a mistake on his part) and we’re very happy to have our performance here. We’ve prepared hard for tomorrow so please look out for it!

After the short questionnaire, they proceeded with the fan sign and screams could still be heard. Not all fans managed to get their signatures but fans sure were pleased as Junsu sang the chorus of ‘I’ll be back”, accompanied by Taecyeon’s beat box before ending the fan meet. Junho also urged fans to support them at the MNET concert the next day as they would show fans the best performance ever.