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Rising K-star, Song Joong Ki has been invited to Singapore for Korean beauty and skincare brand, Tony Moly’s flagship store. He will be arriving in Singapore on 18 December’s night, have an fanmeet with 100 lucky fans on 20th of December and departing Singapore on 21 December.

Song Joong Ki has gained notoriety chiefly for his role as ‘Goo Yong Ha’ in KBS Sungkyunkwan Scandal and as KBS music program ‘Music Bank’ permanent host.

Store Visit cum Video Interview Details
Date: 20 December 2010, Monday
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Venue: Marina Square

Fanmeet Details
Date: 20 December 2010, Monday
Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Venue: Bugis Junction Atrium

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Click here to check out if you are 1 of the lucky winners who won the VIP pass to have an individual photo session with SJK at 3:00 PM at Bugis Junction store.

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Important Message For Fan Sign Pass Holders
1. Only the person who holds a valid fan sign pas will be allowed to enter the fan sign zone. Fan Pass is NON-TRANSFERABLE. You will be denied entrance should mischief occur.

2. Queue for fan sign pass holders starts at 2:00 PM. PLEASE DO NOT QUEUE OVERNIGHT OR EARLY IN THE MORNING. (You already have the pass to meet SJK up close hence there is no need to do that. Just be there at 2:00 PM and we will let you into the barricaded area one after another.)

3. Look out for the queue sign that states “FAN SIGN ENTRANCE”. The entrance is right opposite the Christmas tree at Bugis Atrium. Do make sure that you queue at the right place. There will be security, staff and volunteers around the area to help everyone. Feel free to approach them if you have query.

4. We will close the fan sign entrance at 3:45 PM. (This is to facilitate smooth running of the program. So please be punctual, LATE COMER WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.)

5. Tony Moly and Sidus have prepared a very exclusive poster for fan sign pass holders. SJK will autograph on the poster for you on stage. THE POSTER IS THE ONLY THING THAT SJK WILL SIGN.

6. STRICTLY NO SHAKING OF HAND IS ALLOWED DURING FAN SIGN. We seek your understanding that there is only very limited time for SJK to finish signing autograph for everyone.

7. You can pass your gift to SJK ON STAGE. Make sure that your gift is small in size and non fragile.

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We have also gotten the approval from HQ to make a special edition diary with 6 inserts of SJK photos for the FAN SIGN . One of the page is even autographed^^. We are giving this diary to the non winners too as a consolation prize.

This special diary is for all SJK fans who spend $80 and $150 for the lucky draw. Especially so to those disappointed fans who are not lucky enough to be the 100 winners. Hence the reason why we requested for one of the pages to be autographed.

The lucky winners get a specially designed pass with SJK’s photo on our lanyard plus the limited edition Diary. Non winners will be contacted to collect their diary after the fan sign.

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Tony Moly is preparing a special gift for all those who hold the fan sign pass and Song Joong Ki will sign his autograph on the gift. We shall let TM announce the gift to you all. We are indeed surprised and happy to learn that TM is so generous. This gift is definitely first of its kind for a fan sign event.

Fan sign pass holders can pass your gift to Song Joong Ki during the autograph session. But, please make sure that it is small in size and is not easily breakable.

Song Joong Ki’s fanmeet will be limited to only 100 lucky fans. Starting from 17 Nov onwards, Tony Moly will organise a special promotion at both of their flagship stores. Tony Moly shoppers who spend at least $80 can participate in a lucky draw to win a chance to attend this exclusive fanmeet.

Please do not feel disappointed if you are not one of the 100 lucky fans! This is because Tony Moly has specially selected an open area for the fanmeet so that fans can also have a glance at Song Joong Ki outside the fanmeet premises. Please show your utmost support for Song Joong Ki during his visit here (:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Shoppers who spend up to $80 will stand a chance to win Song Joong Ki’s autographed Tony Moly poster (Limited to 90 winners).
  • Shoppers who spend up to $150 will stand a chance to win Song Joong Ki’s autographed Tony Moly poster and an opportunity to take an individual photo with him (Limited to 10 winners).
  • Promotion starts from 17 November to 15 December.
  • Lucky draw will be on 16 December. (The 100 winners will be notified by Tony Moly via email).

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Song Joong Ki Fanmeet Song Joong Ki Fanmeet

While waiting for more details of Song Joong Ki’s schedule in Singapore to be out, let’s take a look at his Tony Moly CF.

Credits: Uweekly, Tony Moly Singapore and Faith & D Entertainment