ZE:A Press Conference

They kick started their Asia Tour in Bangkok a few months back, ZE:A (aka Children of Empire) is finally here for their Singapore leg of the tour. They arrived on the 9th of September and will be holding their first showcase in Singapore at the Suntec Convention Centre on the 11th of September. At the press conference, ZE:A greeted the media in English and were in high spirits. The day of the press conference coincided with Hari Raya Puasa so before the press conference began, they wished all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya.

ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference ZE:A Press Conference

What do they know about sunny island, Singapore?

When asked how they felt about Singapore, Kevin replied in fluent English that it’s their first time here and it’s beautiful. They would also want to try the local delights and the other unique attractions in Singapore.

Kwanghee added that his family has been to Singapore before but he couldn’t join them because of his studies. He mentioned the iconic Merlion and even imitated it.

Siwan, famous for his love for shopping and fashion said that he is interested in shopping in Singapore, especially after reading Seo In Young’s book where she mentioned about shopping in Singapore.

Who loves nagging and who has a piercing stare?

In a big group like ZE:A, it’s necessary to have a motherly and fatherly figure and in unison, they agreed that Kevin is like a mother and Junyoung is like a father to them.

Kevin cooks regularly for the group, showing off his motherly nature and Minwoo even added that he’s always nagging. Kevin said Hyungsik eats the most and he replied that he gets hungry easily, sometimes even forgetting that he has already eaten.

Being the leader, Junyoung is like a dad to them because he is strict. The members all agree that he’s scary when he gives a piercing look, which he demonstrated, but with a smile on his face of course!

Too many members? Yay or Nay?

Having so many members in a group can be good and bad at the same time. Minwoo said that with 9 members around, you can never get bored but the bad thing is that they take a long time to get ready.

It was a unanimous decision that Junyoung takes the longest time to wake up and spends the most time getting ready. He defended himself with mentioning his love for sleeping!

Let’s Go Taiwan!

The boys visited Taiwan not long ago and they met up with famous Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit to film a promotional tourism video for Taiwan. Kwanghee, spoke enthusiastically in English, saying they were very handsome and started naming all the members of Fahrenheit.

Drink water like how a lady would!

Recently, Kwanghee went on Star Golden Bell and demonstrated how woman of different age group drink water. Here’s a video of his live replay right here in Singapore!

Ideal type? Maybe!

Significantly having the same number of members as SNSD (aka Girls Generation), they were asked which member of SNSD they would like to be.

Kwanghee – Yoona because he feels that they both have the prettiest smile in the band.

Kevin – Tiffany because she grew up in America and he grew up in Australia so there’s a common thing between them. He chose Taeyeon as well because they are both the main vocals of their respective band.

Minwoo – Yuri because he sings her part when singing SNSD’s songs

Hyungsik – Seohyun because he feels that the both of them possess a luxurious look. He even demonstrated it with confidence.

Junyoung – He chose Jessica because Kwanghee already mentioned Yoona. Another reason was because he wanted Heechul to like him more so he thought by choosing her, Heechul would show more interest to him!

Siwan – Taeyeon because she is small and they have similar characters.

Dongjun – He was quite apprehensive at first but chose Hyoyeon in the end. He aspires to be a great dancer like her and was full of praise for her talent.

Heechul – He said: No Comments! Which was received by a loud reply of ‘Jessica’ from his members! He hesistated at first but eventually agreed. He even went on to say that his ideal type was one that looks like a cat because of his love for them.

Taehun – He chose Seohyun and Kwanghee said immediately that she was Taehun’s ideal type. Innocent and pure.

Coming Soon!

Knowing that the fans are all anticipating their new release, Kevin said that they are currently getting the songs together and they’ll start recording once their Asia tour is over. Their first album is estimated to release in Oct/Nov.

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Meanwhile, check out ZE:A arrival at Singapore’s Changi Airport:

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