CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall

Although only those who bought category 1 and 2 tickets, and winners of various contests could get their posters autographed by CNBLUE, many supportive Boices still went to City Square Mall to support the “Listen to the CNBLUE” fansign on August 20. In addition, those who bought category 1 tickets plus the contest winners, got a chance to take a group photo with the quartet.

The boys selected their coloured bands from an envelope. Min Hyuk got green, Yong Hwa got blue, Jong Hyun got red and Jung Shin got yellow. Those from category 2 got their signature from the member who got the respective colour bands. CNBLUE was really friendly and gave a handshake and hug to whoever that requested for it.

CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall CNBLUE fansign at City Square Mall

CNBLUE’s activity continued with the showcase the next day on August 21. The boys started their showcase with Let’s Go crazy and Love Revolution english and korean remix version. They continued with an introductory of themselves. Yonghwa asked the audience, “Should we introduce ourselves individual?” They also said they hope that the audience would enjoy the performance that they have prepared.

As there were technical problems with Min Hyuk’s drums, Jong Hyun started out with an impromptu chorus of Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning. After which, they continued with I’m a Loner, Love Light and L.O.V.E. CNBLUE then headed backstage as they have ‘ended’ their showcase. A few moments later, they returned to encore with the burning version of I’m a Loner, One Time and Now or Never. At the end of the encore, Yong Hwa threw his guitar pick at the audience.

The showcase was continued with the interactive part of the showcase. The questions were chosen from those that were posted on the facebook page. When asked about the possibility of Singapore being a stop in their future Asia Tour concert, they said they really like Singapore and if they have an opportunity, they would like to hold a full-fledged concert in Singapore. Although there is no plan yet, CNBLUE would like to return to Singapore to promote their new album, which will be release in Korea in October.

Yonghwa said that if he has difficulties composing or writing music, he gets his inspiration from watching movies and listening to music. The group is in the progress of finding their own colour in their music. They would like to try different genres with their own style of playing. Min Hyuk, who have played the drums for four years, started to gain interest because he has friends playing in bands. Both Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun started gaining interest in singing at first. They were then attracted to playing the instruments and hence, learnt the guitar and piano. For Jung Shin, he fell for the charm of band music and was attracted to the bass after watching international artists especially bands.

On the topic of Singapore’s famous chilli crab, CNBLUE have not tried it prior to the showcase. They have heard a lot about it and will be trying it before they go back to Korea.

Girls’ Generations’ name was called out when the emcee asked the boys who they will be if they were not in CNBLUE. Although shocked at the shout out, Yong Hwa pointed his marriage ring with Girls’ Generations’ Seohyun. The motion got the audience roaring with excitement. They are married together in Korea’s variety show ‘We Got Married.’ Jung Shin replied that he would become a photographer as he has an interest in photography. Jong Hyun would become an athlete because he likes to exercise. Taking a liking in shoes, Yong Hwa said he would most likely be a shoe designer. Min Hyuk’s reply was that he would be a fan of CNBLUE because he likes CNBLUE a lot.

Min Hyuk chose Linkin Park and Maroon 5 as the artists he would like to collaborate with. Jung Shin wants to collaborate with Jay-Z because of his interest in hip hop. Being a guitarist, Jong Hyun would like to collaborate with John Mayer. Girls’ Generations’ name was called out yet again when it was Yong Hwa’s turn to answer but he told the audience, “Noo”. He would like to collaborate with Jason Mraz.

Being a popular group, the boys were asked about their likes and dislikes about being famous. The boys mentioned that it was good to let everyone know about their music, perform for them and to interact with everyone. However, they would have to eat beautifully when they go to restaurants. In addition, Jung Shin said that it was beneficial to have a car. The boys mentioned that they would try to compose for boice and every song is dedicated to boice, when asked if they would compose songs for boice only. The boys were sincere in answering all the questions.

Special wishes were granted after the interview. Two of the audience got to take a group photo, two got to get a group hug from all four members and two got to have signed albums from all four members, with Yong Hwa adding their names to the signed albums. The last two lucky audience was serenaded by Yong Hwa with I’m a Fool, from the hit drama You’re Beautiful. In addition, a lucky draw was held earlier to give out cherished items from CNBLUE. The items include Jung Shin’s shirt that was worn before, Jong Hyun and Yong Hwa’s guitar picks as well as Min Hyuk’s drumstick. Yong Hwa mentioned that his guitar pick was signed.

The showcase ended with a surprise from CNBLUE’s fanclub in Singapore. The representative brought out a cake, with their picture on it, to commemorate the start of their Asian Tour. The fanclub also prepared a video for CNBLUE. In addition, the fanclub members took their initiative to sing I’m a Fool, to the CNBLUE members, in the video.

CNBLUE expressed that they were really impressed and touched by the fans’ actions and they are thankful. “I love you” was repeatedly heard from CNBLUE as well as the mention that they will visit Singapore more often. Jung Shin added that it was a meaningful moment as well.

The showcase was the end of CNBLUE’s activities in Singapore for now and we hope they will be back for more. We would like to thank CNBLUE’s Singapore fanclub for making their first visit to Singapore a memorable one.

For those who were not present during the showcase, here is the video that was prepared for CNBLUE.


Check out their arrival at Singapore’s Changi Airport.