BEAST at Celebrations @ Marina Bay

The Samsung’s YOG celebration, that was held at the Promotory@Marina Bay on June 13, was the second time for BEAST to be visiting Singapore, 2 months after their showcase in June.

BEAST was the next act after 4Minute and the crowd was already cheering loudly for them. Changes were seen amongst the members as they are currently preparing for their third album in Korea. The most vivid changes from their previous visit were Junhyung’s blonde hair and Yoseob’s black hair. Clad in white suits, BEAST performed to BEAST Is The B2ST and Special, followed by an introductory of each members. The introductory alone gathered screams from fans in the audience. Next, they performed their debut song – Bad Girl.

Upon being asked which one of them is the most sporty in the group, HyunSeung began doing push ups on the stage. Ki Kwang stepped up and seemed as though he was going to strip, but was stopped by Yoseob. That got the audience screaming for more. The next question was which member is the laziest in the group. The youngest member, Dongwoon said that it was not him and the audience was shouting Yoseob’s name as the answer to the question. The boys also thought that Singaporean girls are hot and beautiful. The comment got the female fans in the audience screaming even louder than before. When the emcees asked which of their favorite Korean food have they found in Singapore, Dongwoon heard it as what is your favorite food in Singapore. He replied pepper crab and laughed at himself when he realized his mistake. One of the members then said it was kimchi jjigae, which is kimchi soup.

After the interview, they continued the performance with MYSTERY and OASIS. Before performing the last song, Doo Joon led the audience to follow after him. The audience gladly co-operated and followed echoed after him to the chorus of SHOCK. To close up their performance, they ended with the remix version of SHOCK. It got the audience at the peak of their excitement. After their performance at The Promontory, the boys returned to their hotel, along with the members of 4Minute.

Their stage presence was still as stunning as before and it was definitely a treat for all the fans who were present on that day.

In the afternoon, they also had a short rehearsal of their performances.

BEAST rehearsal for Celebrations @ Marina Bay BEAST rehearsal for Celebrations @ Marina Bay BEAST rehearsal for Celebrations @ Marina Bay