4Minute at Celebrations @ Marina Bay

In celebration of the first Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore from August 14 to 26, Samsung has built a stage at the Promotory@Marina Bay, which features over 60 concerts and performances with renowned international acts and home-grown Singapore talents. Popular Korean pop groups – BEAST and 4Minute – graced the event on June 13 and blew the crowd away with their stunning performances.

This was the first time that 4Minute stepped on our shores. 4Minute was the first to perform at 9.15pm. Dressed in simple white top and vest with jeans, they performed their debut song, Hot Issue. Hyuna was spotted with dark brown hair, a fresh new look from her usual bright-colours. The crowd was screaming and singing along to this familiar tune, which marked the debut of this year old band. Muzik came up next and they owned the stage! The chest pops was definitely the highlight of the performance. The next song was What A Girl Wants and it was an all in one cute and sexy performance. A very different feel from their previous 2 songs.

A short interview was done, at the same time allowing the 5 girls to rest for their next few performances. Jihyun impressed the crowd with her English and said they were glad to be in Singapore. They gave encouraging messages to the YOG athletes and told them to listen to their songs for strength. They also told athletes to have fun and not to get hurt during the competition. An impromptu birthday song was sung for Sohyun, whose birthday falls on the August 30. The crowd was very enthusiastic about it and even sang the Korean version for her. She responded with an adorable heart gesture and won the hearts of many in the crowd.

They continued their performance with 안줄래 (Won’t Give Up) and HuH. Their confidence was undeniable and the atmosphere was amazing. Their clean and sharp dance moves and stunning vocals wowed the crowd and almost everyone was absorbed into their stage charisma. The crowd wanted more and screamed encore, which made them return back to the stage and perform a remix medley of Hot Issue and Muzik. It was a casual performance as they interacted actively with the crowd, which brought a wave of excitement.

Their performance sure was impressive and we hope to see them back in our sunny island again.

4Minute at Celebrations @ Marina Bay 4Minute at Celebrations @ Marina Bay

In the afternoon, they also had a short rehearsal of their performances.

4Minute rehearsal for Celebrations @ Marina Bay 4Minute rehearsal for Celebrations @ Marina Bay 4Minute rehearsal for Celebrations @ Marina Bay 4Minute rehearsal for Celebrations @ Marina Bay