This year’s 7UP presents Sundown Festival 2010 has brought two of Korea’s prominent groups for their first Sundown Festival as well as their first performance in Singapore.

F.Cuz leader – Jin On – said that since their debut in the beginning of 2010, they feel happiest when seeing fans cheering and welcoming them at the airport and performance area, whenever they go overseas. They are also surprised and could feel the fans’ love when they seen fans, following them from the airport to the hotel, in their own cars.

The members mentioned that they would still become entertainers, even if they are not part of F.Cuz. Members Kan and Jin On would most likely become movie or drama actors while Lee U and Ye Jun would still be singers. The group choosed Mandopop artist, Jay Chou (周杰倫) when asked who they would like to collaborate with. They would like to collaborate with Jay Chou on a music album. In addition, ambitious members, Kan and Jin On, would like to star in a movie together with him.

When asked what was it like working with Taiwanese singer Yao Yao in their chinese version of Jiggy music video, Member Lee U’s reply that she was really cute and perfect for them. However, they are afterall, an idol group and they ‘don’t do love.’

With regards to their performance last Saturday, Jin On said that the group had practiced really hard in Korea for their first performance in Singapore. He also promised that the group will provide a fantastic performance during the Sundown Festival. The group has sure kept their promise as they performed to 5 songs from their debut single and mini album.

After School
Before the press conference started, the group’s English spokesperson – Bekah – thanked everyone for coming even though it was raining. Starting out with 5 members, the group had a powerful concept which gained them many female fans. But as the group continue to progress and more cute and feminine members are added in, they had the support of more male fans.

Even though the group currently has 8 members, After School is still holding auditions and recruiting new members. After School also has plans for members – Gahee and Bekah – to go solo, after successfully debuting their sub-group, Orange Caramel with members – Raina, Nana and Lizzy. The girls were asked if they see Girls’ Generation, also known as So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD), as their biggest rival. Bekha replied that they do not see SNSD as rivals, but as wonderful and great performers. She also added that members of SNSD are lovely girls.

After School manages to keep fit because they spend most of their time practising their songs and dance choreography. In addition, the girls also try to workout as much as they can but due to their busy schedule lately, they use their practise sessions as workout sessions.

Member Jooyeon was asked an interesting question during the press conference. The question was regarding Korean idol group, Mblaq’s G.O, ranking Jooyeon as the celebrity he would most want to marry in Korea’s popular variety show – We Got Married. Jooyeon replied that it would be fun if they could become a couple on the show as they have been good friends since their trainee days.

Similar to F.Cuz, After School also promised to bring a great and powerful performance to the crowd during the Sundown Festival. The members of After School did fulfil their promise as they performed 5 songs to the audience that night.

Credit: Razor Tv