Venue: The Promontory @ Marina Boulevard
Date: 13th August 2010
Time: 9:15 PM -10:15 PM
(Search for Marina Boulevard on and you will see a green house-like spot.)

Celebration @ Marina Bay is an open event which means that it is FREE to everyone. However, the area will be outside the barricaded seated capacity of 5,000. Out of 5,000, 3,000 seats are reserved for VIP.

To have a close encouter with BEAST and 4MINUTE, simply purchase Galaxy S, which entitles you to a 2-day pass, or Wave or Monte from Singtel to get a 1-day pass. For Galaxy S, pack A is the one that contains the pass for BEAST and 4MINUTE. All tickets while stocks last only.

For those of you who have yet purchased the Galaxy S for a close encounter with BEAST and 4MINUTE, here is a sample of the VIP pass.

Photo credit: SachikoYiping.

Click here for the Program Line Up. (Program Line Up updated with Beast and 4Minute pictures)

Credit: Samsung Mobile SG and YOG SG